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VAT Return Filing

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A company is required to submit a VAT return and pay the amount of tax due within twenty-eight days from the end of each Tax period. The tax amount due or refundable for a particular Tax Period is calculated as a difference between total tax payable (output tax) as well as the input credit available. Excess of Output Tax over the Input Tax for a tax period is the amount of Tax Liability to be paid.

How can we support you?

Our Tax professionals provide the following services for VAT Return filing:
  • Filing your VAT Return in prescribed Form – VAT201.
  • Our team visit your office on a periodical basis (weekly/monthly/Quarterly) to compile the information for filing the VAT Return. At the end of each Tax period, we prepare the VAT return on behalf of your company in compliance with VAT law.
  • We ensure timely submission of the VAT returns within the specified time prescribed by law.
  • We provide professional guidance for the payment of Minimal Tax Liability as per the provisions of the VAT Law.

  • We make Voluntary Disclosure on behalf of our client to correct VAT Errors in the Returns already submitted before the deadline expires.

  • We apply for VAT refunds where applicable.

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