VAT Registration in Dubai | Process Involved in Applying VAT Reconsideration!

VAT Registration in Dubai: Any person who has to pay the penalty can file the Reconsideration form in the Arabic language with the FTA if they are unsatisfied with the Assessment. Reconsideration form can also be filed by a taxpayer for any clarification to be sought from FTA. The Reconsideration Form has to be filed within 20 business days from the notification date of the Assessment or clarification.

Information required to file VAT Reconsideration

To submit VAT re-consideration, a business should have solid reasons and proof on why a penalty ought not to be imposed. Following information is required to file VAT Re-consideration:

  1. VAT registration certificate
  2. Emirates ID of the owner
  3. Passport copy of the owner
  4. Enrolled mobile number
  5. Memorandum of Association for authentication of the applicant
  6. Amount and date of penalty
  7. Summary of the case to justify reconsideration

How can we support you?

Our tax professionals can assist you in compiling and submitting the Reconsideration Form along with all the required documents to be submitted along with the Reconsideration Form within the stipulated time period of 20 business days.

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Our specialist will guide you to comply with the intricate procedures of relevant legal provisions by drafting technical and procedural arguments to present the matter.

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