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VAT Consultants & Advisory in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, & UAE

With effect from the year 2018, the UAE government has imposed VAT on supply and import of Services and Goods at each stage of production and distribution, excluding those supplies which are zero-rated or exempt from VAT.
Virtually every transaction in a company needs the management of VAT. Improper dealing with the VAT can cause unnecessary costs and penalties for your business.
Since all the VAT related expertise may not be available to you in-house, it is critical that you partner with a qualified and experienced Tax Agent approved by FTA, who can guide you on all VAT related matters.

How can we support you?

As your trusted and reliable partner, we provide the following services to provide advice on VAT-related matters:

  • We combine our understanding of the business insights and comprehensive tax knowledge to assist our clients with tax-related requirements.
  • We stay updated on the tax guidelines or amendments and explore new ways to meet the changing tax-related needs of our clients.
  • We handle industry-specific issues with precise guidance to comply with the VAT law. Our advisory covers services related to Customs Duty as well as designated zone related issues.
  • We conduct comprehensive tax planning and offer advice on complex issues to ensure compliance in order to avoid penalties on non-compliance with the VAT law and related regulations.
  • We conduct health checks by reviewing the internal controls and procedures, including a review of documentation.
  • We prepare Clarification drafts for FTA to seek the correct VAT impact for the proposed transactions.
  • Our retainer-ship services include on-going advisory, updates, assistance in compliance, etc. We assist through calls and meetings when necessary. We formulate complete solutions and prepare recommendations to provide tax advice for our clients.
  • We conduct training for in-house personnel to keep up to date with the VAT related developments.

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