Tax Consultants in Dubai | Responsibilities of a Tax Consultant!

Tax Consultants in Dubai: Tax consultant assist the companies to deal with the issues on tax matters and resolve it with the Federal Tax Authority (FTA). By appointing a tax consultant, a company can get the following benefits:

  • Compliances with relevant laws and regulations can be ensured by Tax consultants to avoid penalties by FTA.
  • Tax consultant can represent the company in front of FTA when an assessment notice or tax audit requirements arise.
  • Tax consultant keeps on updating himself on the latest updates in the law and therefore can assist a company in avoiding legal compulsion by ensuring timely compliance with new provisions of the law.
  • Tax consultants can perform better tax planning that could result in legitimate tax savings.
  • Communication barriers and coordination issues can easily be handled by a tax Consultant to deal with FTA.

What are the responsibilities of a tax consultant?

Tax consultant is shouldered with number of responsibilities that are listed below:

  • Preparation and Filing of Tax Returns
  •  Represent their clients in FTA audits and arrange or prepare all records required for tax audits and assessments.
  •  Respond to FTA served notices on observations noted during their tax audit.
  • To maintain relevant tax records in compliance with tax laws.
  • Liaison with FTA on tax-related matters
  • Stay updated on the tax guidelines or amendments and explore new ways to meet the changing tax-related needs of their clients.
  • Remain abreast with in-depth knowledge of specific matters including custom duty, excise duty, taxation for free-zone and designated free-zone, and apply that knowledge and understanding to tax related matters of their clients.
  • Conduct comprehensive tax planning and offer advice to their clients on issues to ensure compliances in order to avoid penalties on non-compliance with the Tax law and related regulations.
  • Conduct health checks by reviewing the internal controls and procedures, including a review of documentation.
  • Training of their client’s in-house personnel to keep up to date with the Tax related developments.

Final Thoughts

Keeping regard to this responsible position, a reliable Tax consultant is strong pillar of your organization to secure your tax matters, savings and compliances.

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