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Advantages Of Hiring Professional Tax Agents!

We are devoted to protect the privacy of the information of our clients that is acquired during the tenure of our service. We acknowledge the importance of trust of our clients, and we maintain this trust by adhering to our transparency and confidentiality values.  We have adopted this Privacy Policy (“Policy”) to guide on collection, usage and disclosure of the client information acquired during the engagements.
We frequently collect and use client information during our engagements, therefore we seek consent to use this information when it is collected and recognise your expectation that it will be protected with due care. Where we need to use the client information other than the original purpose for which it is collected, we obtain appropriate consent prior to do so.
Client information is defined as any financial and operational information that is pertaining to client business. However, information of client that is available in the public domain is not subject to privacy legislation and therefore is not under the scope of this Policy.
We do not use client information for other than the required purpose, unless we obtain your consent, or unless otherwise required or permitted by applicable law or professional standards. We collect only that information that is necessary to fulfil the terms of our engagements.
Please do not provide sensitive client information to us, unless you acknowledge to our use of that information for its legitimate business purposes and consent to our maintenance of the information in our database. If you need to obtain the clarification on the necessity of providing sensitive information for any particular purpose, please contact us at
On registration or submission of client information to our firm, you are also agreeing to the use of this information in accordance with this Polic

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