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Mergers And Acquisitions

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Due to the changing business morphologies and economic environment, businesses are looking into mergers and acquisitions to align their long term strategic direction to foster growth by utilizing available synergies.

Key determining factors to decide for merger or acquisition are listed below:

  • It is a long term time- consuming project with concentrated efforts from senior management.
  • Understanding various aspects of business economics is crucial to identify and evaluate the right target price.
  • Selection of relevant financial model to ascertain the business valuation of merger or acquisition necessitate the use of technical services from a professional financial adviser, as he will bring his experience of crafting deals and lend an independent mind frame.

What we can offer

Our experienced and qualified financial advisors provide corporate finance advisory services right from the origination of a deal to completion.
We have executed several mergers and acquisition deals and have extensive contacts in the fraternity of corporate and investor, therefore we can assist our clients in dealing with potential targets by supporting them in fundraising activities.

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