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Mainland Professional Company

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Activities that are considered professional services are required to be registered as a Professional Company.

Points to consider in order to set up a mainland professional license are listed below:

  • A professional company can be 100% owned by expatriate shareholders.
  • It is required to appoint a UAE national as a service agent.
  • UAE nationals do not hold any share in the company.
  • UAE national receives a fixed annual amount as a service agent.
  • There is no minimum share capital requirement.
  • Relevant degree, experience, and ancillary certificates for shareholders are mandatory.
  • The professional companies can be formed by more than one shareholder as a Civil Company.
  • Renting an office is necessary to set up a mainland professional company. However, in Dubai recently the Government has permitted to register mainland professional companies on desk facilities (Sustainability Centers).
  • A 3 years valid residency visa is available for shareholders of the mainland professional company. The shareholder can also sponsor family members subject to complying with documentary requirements.
  • LLC Company can recruit any number of employees subject to complying with the requirements of Labour department.

What we can offer

By applying our experience and knowledge, we can assist you in obtaining a Professional License in a timely and cost effective way.
We can provide corporate UAE national service agents against fixed annual fees.
We also allow our client to change the UAE national service agent without any objection for any reason.

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