“ICV Certificate can be beneficial for businesses.”

ICV Certification Services in Dubai

The beginning of the In-Country Value (ICV) program offers an excellent chance for suppliers to triumph government and semi-government entity tenders. Obtaining ICV Certification Services in Dubai gives the companies a specific weightage during tender appraisals. In addition, the suppliers may acquire an ICV Certificate exhibiting a score based on their contribution per the newest audited financial statements and other aspects.

Why is ICV Authentication Crucial for Suppliers?

By becoming part of the ICV agenda, suppliers can contribute to the UAE’s strategic purpose of strengthening the growth of local enterprises and cutting the dependence on imports. In addition, the suppliers can also profit from the financing incentives that will be disclosed in the future.

These are some of the general advantages, but the core advantages of the ICV certification program are listed below:

  1. Independent entrepreneurs and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) can expand business growth as value chains become localized.
  2. Distributors who become part of the plan can leverage the growth in demand for local products and services and the chance for government contracting.
  3. Essential purposes of the ICV program comprise promoting local businesses, introducing the products of local firms into the market, and establish high-skilled employment.
  4. The holders of the ICV credential can have a contractual edge with the associate companies and Government departments.
  5. The ICV Certificate creates more opportunities for local distributors to enter partnerships with foreign companies wishing to leverage the competitive benefits of a collaborative supply chain.

Who Needs the ICV Certificate?

Businesses operating inside or outside the UAE can apply for an ICV certificate per the ICV guidelines. However, a supplier instantly providing the goods or services must report their ICV score to earn weightage during their tender assessment and award procedure.

Choose Adepts Chartered Accountants for ICV Authentication

As leading ICV certification Advisors, we have put up a specialized sub-service line for ICV to assist our clients in obtaining ICV certificates and ICV improvement plan per ICV guidelines.

We deliver the following services and assistance:

  • Certification of ICV
  • Improvement Plan of ICV
  • ICV Consultancy
  • ICV Plan Implementation

Therefore, if you need ICV Authentication Services in Abu Dhabi, contact Adepts Chartered Accountants today!

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