How Can Internal Audit Improve Your Business?

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Decision-makers who are business specialists give the internal audit required time to spend on business operations and processes because they recognize its worth. In addition, accounting firms in uae are aware of what to anticipate and potential issues to avoid since they are familiar with the function of an internal audit.

What is Internal Audit?

An internal auditor accounting firms in abu dhabi evaluates the corporate governance, risk management, and control processes within an organization. An internal audit advisory provides an independent and unbiased assurance to enhance an organization’s operations, confirms adherence to laws and regulations, and supports accurate and timely notification and addressing of organizational issues.

It brings a systematic and disciplined approach to identifying non-compliance with laws or regulations and breaches with internal controls before they are pointed out by an external appraiser.

Accounting company in uae

Internal Audit Process

  • The internal auditor defines and designs the audit’s objectives and strategy.
  • Identify the business area to evaluate, and the internal control procedure to test.
  • Assess risks and process control.
  • Document observations in areas examined and verified.
  • Draft a formal audit report outlining in detail the main risks that the business activities are undergoing.
  • Provide the recommendations to the board of directors.

Internal Audit Analysis Techniques


Examining the authority and authenticity of records and using documentary evidence to confirm accounting transactions.


Verifying the transactions’ accuracy and transaction matching


To understand the cause of balance discrepancies


If an auditor feels that an internal control process needs to be enhanced, testing random or target-specific data should be conducted.

Physical Examination

Validation of the physical presence of tangible assets and the inventory count as shown on the accounting records.


Separating crucial information and deepening your understanding of how it relates.


This includes reviewing accounting records to find any entries that need to be addressed.


To get comprehensive data on any transaction.

Verification Posting

To certify the balance and confirm posting from books of initial entry to ledger accounts


To determine whether the organisation’s procedures and processes are reliable.

How Can Adepts Help?

Adepts’ an accounting company in UAE, has established internal audit tools and techniques that help businesses run more smoothly and effectively.

Adepts can provide a quick snapshot of all company information in one report, along with a wide range of informative business reports. It is designed to keep all the reports available as soon as transactions are logged and ensure that insight is available immediately when you need them to evaluate the company’s performance.

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