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Financial Statements Audit

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Financial Statements Audit dubai covers the independent auditor’s opinion on the historical financial information of the company that are prepared by the company’s management. Financial Statement Audit is usually carried out for a statutory purpose and can be conducted only by registered audit firms.

An audit report enables trust and transparency among stakeholders. Independent audits are essential to maintain investor confidence. There has been an ongoing series of fraudulent reporting by businesses, which can be pointed out by an effective audit before facing any significant business loss.
An audit opinion provides a high level of assurance. However, a review engagement gives a reasonably lesser degree of assurance than an audit. As in a review, the auditor does not perform all audit procedures. Publicly held entities must have their quarterly financial statements reviewed, in addition to the annual audit.

We being one of the best audit firms in abu dhabi and Dubai offer array of audit and Assurance services to meet our client’s needs. Our tailored made Assurance services are performed by experienced and qualified professionals that ensure client confidence and satisfaction.

Our independent opinion is vital to gain and instill the confidence of our clients’ stakeholders; therefore we deploy the team with right mix of skills and experience to perform quality audits and assurance services to ensure that our opinion is not misleading for users of our report.
We render high-quality audit service that provides confidence, value and transparency, and offering exceptional client service through our multidisciplinary teams.
We plan audit comprehensively that ensures efficient and effective audit strategy by understanding our client’s businesses. Our audit strategy enable us to identify the key business risks, through which our experienced and qualified team maintain focused efforts, which in turn helps us to provide cost-effective external auditing services.
Our consistent audit methodology with the right blend of multidisciplinary teams address the most complex issues, by deploying the latest, high-quality auditing procedures and tools.

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