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Financial Projections

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A financial projection is typically a forecast of future expenses and revenues. The projection takes into account the historical or internal data and includes a prediction of external factors of the market.

Incorporation of a realistic financial projection into your business plan is essential to attract serious investors. Moreover, to estimate the future financial outcomes for a project or a company, a financial forecast is made, which is usually applied in budgeting, capital budgeting.

Existing or estimated financial data is used in financial projections to forecast your business’s future expenses and income. Different scenarios are often included in projections to see the impact of changes on various aspects of your financial projections, such as lower or higher sales or operating expenses that have an effect on profitability.

Preparation of financial projections involves a detailed exercise of analysis of past and current data while factoring in various dynamics of the market and business’s plans to forecast future financial statements of a company.

The need to prepare financial projections should be well defined, including whether it is aiming to raise capital, evaluating a business acquisition, reach out to potential buyers, or budgeting for a project or company.

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We have a team of qualified financial consultants with widespread experience across an array of industries. Our team exercises continuous research of the industry and economic parameters, runs different scenarios using modeling techniques and prepares projections that are well-tailored, detailed and sustainable. We present the assumptions, sensitivity and ratio analyses in the financial projections in a user-friendly manner, which enables our clients to make well-informed decisions.

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