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Electricity Tariff Incentive Program

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In June 2019, the Industrial Development Bureau (IDB) launched the ETIP program in line with the Abu Dhabi Development Accelerators Program ‘Ghadan 21’. The program was launched to achieve the following objectives:
  • Improving the economic impact of the industrial sector in Abu Dhabi
  • Increasing investments in the field of manufacturing and improving productivity; and
  • Enhancing the efficiency of energy consumption in the industrial sector.
Under ETIP program, the Companies holding Industrial license in Abu Dhabi are required to submit ETIP Certificate for claiming electric tariff incentive based upon the score achieved which is certified by one of the Certifying Body empaneled by Department of Economic Development (DED).
The amount of incentive depends upon the below-tabulated categories based on the ETIP score ranging from 50% to 100%. If the score of applicant is below 50%, the actual tariff prices are chargeable .

Category A

Category B

Category C

Score > 80%

Score between 60%-80%

Score between 50%-59%

The prices and respective categories at the launch date of the program are mentioned below:

Transmission Connected Applicant
Distribution Connected Entities
Category A
Category B
Category C
17 Fils
18 Fils
19 Fils


20 Fils
22 Fils
25 Fils


We have a professionally qualified team that possess necessary skills and experience to assess the eligibility of our clients for ETIP program and to propose the avenues for the improvement in ETIP score incase the eligibility criteria is not met or to improve the category of our clients to avail more incentive on electricity tariffs.
We assist our clients in drafting an ETIP template while ensuring all score gaining areas are included in the template in accordance with guidelines issued by IDB. Hence, our clients achieve the fullest potential of their ETIP score.
By applying our extensive knowledge in an array of industries, we can make our clients understand about the ETIP certification and the determining factors that affect the ETIP score in their particular business scenario.

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