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Disposal Strategy

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When the management has decided to sell-off the business, the most critical evaluation is to made for the determination of appropriate Consideration.
As the company moves further in the disposal process, it faces many challenges that require proper examination, analysis and action well beforehand to make the offer attractive for the investors.
Formulating an appropriate disposal strategy is the key to successfully complete the disposal of business setup.

Key determining factors in the disposal process are:

  • Whether to sell 100% ownership or parting-off with partial ownership.
  • Whether to market disposal to reach a number of potential investors or confidentiality must be strictly observed.
  • Whether to sell to external investors or Management Buy-Out option is available to be considered.
  • Whether access to all possible buyers is evaluated, included both strategic (customers, competitors and suppliers, etc.) and financial (private equity, holding companies, investment funds) investors..

What we can offer

Our strategies cover re-organizing the corporate structure, reviewing internal systems and procedures, preparing information memoranda and financial projections, assessing realistic sale values and identifying and assisting in the negotiations with potential buyers.

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