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Business Valuation

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The business valuation of your company plays a crucial role in determining your business plans. All your business partners, including shareholders, lenders, suppliers, creditors, or customers, decide their association with your company based on the company’s net worth.

Business valuation companies in dubai are required to plan significant acquisitions and disposals, resolve a shareholder’s or joint venturer’s dispute, and reduce the gap between book and market value.

You may require to evaluate:

Audit and Assurance are key to strengthen trust and transparency among stakeholders. High quality, independent audits and assurances are essential to maintain investor confidence. Audit and assurance may be the requirements of regulation, potential investors or lenders and even of owners.
Audit covers the auditor’s opinion on historical financial information of the company. While assurance services mainly includes the auditor’s opinion on below information which can be used to manage, govern, transact with and invest in an organization:

  • Intrinsic (real) value of your business to quantify the good-will of your business.
  • Value of unquoted debt or equity instruments.
  • Impairment of asset
  • Investment decisiont

Business valuation experts or an equity/debt instrument valuation requires extensive work on the current dynamics of the company as well as the market trends. Appropriate selection of a valuation model is the key to accurately estimate the value of a business or an equity/debt instrument.

What we can offer

Our financial experts have cross-industry experience in valuing businesses and equity/debt instruments that results in the conduct of valuation exercise accurately and realistically by applying industry specific experience. We use valuation methodologies depending on our client’s specific needs and the prevalent business environment, and we apply a logical approach to provide a recommendation.
Our experts provide all the necessary assistance that you need to calculate the intrinsic value of your business by using various valuation models, such as the discounted cash flows method and net asset valuation. It should be apprised that the calculated figure is subjective because it is based on certain assumptions. Our assumptions are based on the relevant industry data and conclusions from extensive market research.

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