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About Adepts Chartered Accountants

Welcome to Adepts Chartered Accountants a leading professional Audit firm, practising in Audit and Assurance, Taxation and Advisory Services with a cumulative experience of 15 years. Adepts has grown by exceeding clients’ expectations in the provision of professional services. We have been committed to professional service excellence and quality to bring our best to clients to build confidence and lasting relationships.
We believe that in an ever-changing world, organizations have to be agile in adapting to new ways and means to sustain and grow by ensuring compliance to regulatory and legal bodies. Hence we conduct all audits under International Standards on Auditing. We ensure compliance with ISQC 1 and follow the IFAC Code of Conduct for Professional Accountants. Therefore, our goal is to keep our clients stay alert to risk and equip them to move ahead with conviction and confidence.

We attract and retain qualified and multi-skilled professionals who share the same conviction and belief to add real value to clients by synergizing professional and business skills. Our experienced and committed team is keen to consistently evolve through the changes in technology, regulations and relevant international standards.



ADEPTS has made a significant place amongst the leading Audit, Tax and Advisory companies of the United Arab Emirates. I am proud to see that we are continuing to grow with the best professional services, while further developing our presence in the World. ADEPTS professional experience, commitment and quality of services have been its competitive edge. We continuously invest in the development of our people in order to equip them with updated laws and standards to provide the best services to our customers. I am confident that our vision, commitment of our people and our best professional services will take ADEPTS to new heights (In sha ALLAH). I would like to thank all our patrons including our customers, old and existing colleagues, and friends who have proved true in times of tribulation, in having helped ADEPTS come this far.


To extend world-class Audit, Tax and Advisory services to exceed the expectations of clients to help them navigate complexities and respond proactively.


To become the top priority of MNCs as well as public sector organizations by setting coveted standards of professionalism and transparency.

Our Core Values

As a professional brand, ADEPTS adheres to the following values:

Integrity: We are transparent and true in communication, negotiations and business relationships.

Respect: We show respect to clients, employees and other stakeholders.

Objectivity: We do not compromise on professional judgments due to bias, conflict of interest or undue influence of others.

Professional competence and due care: We attain the required level of updated professional knowledge and skills to provide the requisite professional service to our clients. We follow applicable technical and professional standards in letter and spirit.

Confidentiality: We recognize the importance of privacy of our clients’ information acquired as a result of business relationships; therefore, we have a Privacy Policy in place that we strictly adhere to in order to ensure confidentiality of our clients’ data stored in our database.

Professional behaviour; We conduct a complete background check before hiring a new staff member and train him to avoid any conduct that discredits our market image. We ensure our staff’s compliance with our core values and relevant laws & regulations to maintain professional and ethical behaviour.

Why Choose ADEPTS?

We ensure our competitive edge by adhering to the following core practices:
  1. Our advice is based on recommendations that are realistic and practically applicable in respective client-based scenarios.
  2. We keep moving the extra mile to provide deliverables that meet our clients’ expectations.
  3. We ensure our staff adhere to our enshrined values so that we remain reliable and trustworthy business partners of our clients.
  4. We provide efficient and prompt feedback to clients in order to meet deadlines.
  5. Our services are client-focused and suitably tailored to meet our clients’ requirements.

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