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Pioneer ICV & ADV Consultants


Approved Tax Agency by FTA

One Of The Leading Chartered Accountant Firms In Abu Dhabi & Dubai

Tax Adepts is one of the most renowned CA firms in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, UAE. Tax Adepts is a team of professional Chartered Accountants with diversity of experience in Audit, Tax and Advisory services from big 4 auditing firms.

A perfect blend of core financial expertise, out of the box thinking and advance IT skills make us a great team to deliver highest quality of services in shorter time frame. With an excellent footing amidst the top auditing companies in Abu Dhabi & Dubai, UAE, our consultants always go an extra mile to make sure all your strategies and goals are achieved to client’s satisfaction.

Benefit From The Expertise Of Top-Notch Chartered Accountants In UAE

The number one priority for the team at Tax Adepts is to provide quality accounting, tax and business consultancy services that are focused on fulfilling the client’s needs and preferences.

Considered amongst the top  Auditing companies in Abu Dhabi & Dubai and trusted Abu Dhabi Value Certification Consultants, we offer the most comprehensive suite of services and solutions so our clients can focus on the other more important aspects of their business to ensure long-term growth.

We also take pride in being counted as Pioneer ICV certification consultants and for serving as tax agents in Abu Dhabi for a diverse pool of satisfied clients across the UAE.


We have set up a specialized sub-service line for ICV to help our clients…


We provide high-quality audits and assurance services that provide confidence…


UAE government has imposed a tax on the import and supply of Goods and Services at each stage…


Government Departments of Abu Dhabi requires, the Supplier shall submit an ADV Improvement Plan…


Accounting and book keeping services mainly comprise the…


We have a specialized sub-service line that possesses the technical knowledge…


Tax Adepts has made a significant place amongst the leading Audit, Tax, and Advisory companies of the United Arab Emirates. I am proud to see that we are continuing to grow with the best professional services, while further developing our presence in the GCC.
Tax Adepts’ professional experience, commitment, and quality of services have been its competitive edge. We continuously invest in the development of our people in order to equip them with updated laws and standards to provide the best services to our customers. I am confident that our vision, commitment of our people, and our best professional services will take Tax Adepts to new heights (Insha ALLAH).
I would like to thank all our patrons including our customers, old and existing colleagues, and friends who have proved true in times of tribulation, in having helped Tax Adepts come this far.

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